Braxton turns 1!

Braxton turned 1 on March 19th.   To celebrate we had a bug party and invited all his friends.   The party went really well!    We had so many cute little bugs show up!


We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day!

We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are a few pictures taken from our church’s Valentine banquet.   The theme was “50’s Rock & Roll”, so everyone dressed accordingly.


Merry Christmas!

Here’s a video of Braxton checking out our Christmas tree.   Luckily for Biggs, our cat, Braxton has a new interest.

And the Winner Is…..

As a proud parent I have to boast that Braxton won the Fall Frenzy Costume Contest at his daycare.   As Dustin held him, he worked the crowd (and judges of course.)   After receiving his award he let us know he’d had all he could take.    (Yes I’m a terrible mom for snapping this, but it’s my favorite shot!)


Before the event:


Happy Halloween!

I'm going to need so much therapy.

I'm going to need so much therapy.

We have not one but two teeth!

Braxton got his first two teeth October 23rd!   (At 7 months.)   We’re such proud parents.   Pictures coming soon.  🙂